Gieb Art | About

Starting at an early age, illustrating and drawing was a favorite activity for me.   I would do everything from doodling patterns with an ink pen on a legal pad to penciling a comic strip to show the other neighborhood kids.  In later years, drawing with pencil and charcoal was my media of choice in High School and College.  At the time, Photo Realism was a big part of my drawings because I wanted it to look just like the photograph.  I remember as a young man I would meticulously free-hand draw every detail from a photograph.  I wanted to be sure that you could not see any lines defining the subject I drew, being sure to put in a shadow or fade from that drawn line.  The reason for this is because my Father told me when I was young, that there are no lines around people or objects in real life.  In real life, it’s gradients of color, shadows or a fade around a subject.  My Father was a good artist as well, so I took what he said to heart .  Since I wanted it to look exactly like the picture and not have any lines, I would pour over every detail, ensuring there were no lines.   Dad was right, as the detail I put in on a pencil drawing of a 1932 Chevy Truck sitting in the weeds of a field netted me a Gold Key Award.  The award was from a statewide contest of High School students.  The drawing looked just like the photograph, even down to the detail of the cracked headlights and windshield.

Upon graduation from College, I decided that working in corporate sales as a salesman would be the practical thing to do.  I worked at a variety of places in different industries over the years.  And through the years, my desire to be creative, to make something, create artwork, always lingered within me.  As time passed, it tugged more strongly at my heart.  So I decided I would listen.  I started back on the path to creating art with digital illustrations and photographs, and then moving into painting (water color, oil and acrylic).  

In my early days, I thought it so important that people understand what is was that I was drawing.  Today, I want people to view my artwork and think what are they seeing?  Draw their own conclusions on what it is or what it looks like to them. Whether it’s the iconic views of a City, to everyday items represented in a different perspective.  My desire is that it inspires or awakens within you, but you are invited to take a journey in your imagination on what you see.  It’s my way of making it more personal to you as you form your own vision of what it means to you.  Even though the title may suggest where to drawn the lines, the intention is for you to ultimately create your own vision.